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 Managing your finances can be intimidating, but knowledge is power.

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I teach you to become a confident money manager and informed investor.


I'm Brooke,

your go-to money buddy.

I'm a certified financial educator for beginners.

I’m also the founder of Brooke Builds Wealth LLC and creator of The Informed Investor Program™.

I used to be so overwhelmed and intimidated by money. I felt like my life was controlled by fear.

I wished someone would take me step by step, and teach me how to build wealth. Nobody ever came. So, I committed to teaching myself.

I spent years untangling gate-kept financial information. Eight years into my journey, I developed a method that made my net worth skyrocket.

Now, I'm committed to spreading the wealth & teaching YOU.

I spare you a lifetime of financial stress by teaching you how to manage your money easily and vastly increase your net worth.

My clients have earned tens of thousands in the stock market and completely paid off student loans. I will teach you to do the same.

I hold the following credentials:

  • NGPF Certified Investment Educator

  • NGPF Certified Banking & Budgeting Educator

  • New York State Certified Teacher

  • Master of Arts in Teaching

  • 5 years experience teaching at a top 15 U.S. public school

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What Students Are Saying:

"My experience with Brooke has been absolutely life changing. Before, I was constantly stressed about money. I never wanted to face the reality. I had zero dollars invested and a large sum of student debt looming over my head. I didn’t know how I was going to turn it around. Until Brooke saved my financial situation. 

She listened to my concerns and analyzed my finances. Together, we created a personalized money plan that aligned with my goals. She created a budget that works for me and helped me set up my investment accounts. Brooke has already saved me over $10,000 in student loan payments!

All of this, along with her endless support, has melted away my stress surrounding money. I feel empowered and in control of my finances. I can’t thank Brooke enough for the incredible impact she has had on my life!” -M.Z.



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Take control of your financial future with my comprehensive solutions:

The Informed Investor Program™

Are you ready to become an informed investor?

t's your turn to experience financial success and abundance. Here's what we'll cover:

  • I set you up with the exact formula I used to build my 150k portfolio by age 25

  • We will build your automated financial plan that makes you money for the rest of your life

  • I teach you to permanently stop feeling lost and disorganized about your finances

  • I coach you to build a seven figure investment portfolio on autopilot

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